MrWiggly Launches A Brand New Range Of Audio Plugins

New Plugins!

Kicking off 2021 I am proud to announce the launch of a new range of audio plugins.

I have come to realise that, despite having a huge array of plugins purchased over the years, I am always reaching for the same few favourites on every session. Not only that but I'm also using the same FX presets, often with only minor tweaks for much of the time. At the same time, so much work is now going into producing amazing sample libraries and synth sounds that already sound great without any further work, most of my mixing is focused on 'polish and embellish' rather than 'fix and freak with'.

This has made a lot of the more complex functions of my favourite plugins largely obsolete. Of course there will always be a vocal to surgically equalise, a bass line to tame or a clap to cut through, but most of the time I'm now looking to make great sounds silly better. To take synth presets and make them sing, to add ambience to an already epic kick, or to add some compression and width to a lead without killing the vibe.

I'm also conscious of the high cost of my favourite plugins - it's always the expensive ones that I seem to like - given that I'm using maybe 10% of their capabilities. Even more so given the recent rush by some manufacturers to produce iPad versions of the same products at a fraction of the price.

So i decided to develop my own range of plugins.

Happy Dog

A range of plugins with the sonic quality and simple functionality I need for my go to set, without all the complex bits I don't use and the high price tag.

The mission is simple. To provide high-quality, simple, low-cpu, low price plugins that do a single job extremely well. Sonically they have to be best of breed. Financially, with less complexity, I'm hoping the entire range will cost around the same as a single, high-end plugin. Functionality wise, all the basics will be there across the range, plus a few curve-balls. The first release - the Incinerator - is one of those!

So here is the checklist:

  • Sonic quality is the number one requirement
  • Each plugin does one task extremely well
  • Interfaces are extremely simple to use
  • Low CPU footprint throughout
  • Includes musically useful presets
  • Lowest price commercially possible 

The range launches shortly with The Incinerator, a take on overdrive based on a YouTube video I made last year using a real Incinerator to get some decent 'out of the box' sounds with surprisingly awesome results.

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