The Incinerator

The Incinerator


The Incinerator is a the first in the brand new range of audio plugins from MrWiggly. The Incinerator turns analogue outboard, overdirve and distortion processing on it's head, taking the the sound out of the box and BLASTING IT THROUGH A REAL INCINERATOR!

You can buy The Incinerator directly from our shop.

Based on a conversation we had on Sonic State, this is the plugin that started it all. Epic warmth, width and reality produced in a totally unique and original way.

The Incinerator is all about taking sounds out of the box and MOVING SOME AIR - taking your synth presets and drum samples and injecting them with some REAL LIFE. Our secret sauce in the studio has always been to route sounds out of the computer and run them through REAL AMPS AND SPEAKERS. By miking up the speakers and mixing some live sound back in with the original, the results can be amazing. The Incinerator plugin contains all five of the Incinerator / speaker combinations we use in the studio.

Today's synth VSTs may sound great with all of their effects and algorithms, but I've got bored of the presets always sounding the same. They can sound too clean, too perfect, too nice, too precise. I want them to sound live and exciting - to sound in the room rather than in the box. I don't want the same sound every time I press a key, I want to stamp my own authority on the sound - to add depth, richness and character to the noise. I'm on a mission to BAN THE BLAND! Embrace the unexpected! 

The upshot is that I now have a small but crazy collection of amps/speakers constantly set up in the studio and patched to the desk. Virtually all of my sounds go through at least one in the recording process. It feels like I have tried everything - broken toys, top-end guitar amps, sound system bass bins and boom boxes. I've put them indoors, outdoors, in cardboard boxes, cars, bathrooms, cellars, and in what became a truly life-changing and defining moment... I tried putting them in a BIG METAL GARDEN INCINERATOR.

Of course, blasting audio out at high volume through crazy hardware needs a lot of space and sound-proofing. You can't mix with an booming incinerator blasting out behind you and it's definitely not famly (or neighbour) friendly. So I took some time out, locked myself in the studio with a laptop and a copy of XCode, and...

I built a plugin.

Even if I say so myself, it's a good one. It uses impulse responses immaculately recorded from all of my amp/speaker outboard - meaning the effect is real, not emulated. The live sound of the speakers and enclosures I use has been captured by the actual microphones I use, and the plugin uses these recordings to process your sounds. Yes, I appreciate the irony of releasing an in-the-box plugin to make your sounds sound out-of-the box, but this thing seriously rocks.

And it's not just standard impulse responses - I've worked to improve some of the samples, reducing resonance and boom where necessary. I've built a custom overdrive algorithm that really burns and a dedicated, tempo-synced delay to add some harmonics and depth. With thanks and blessings to the amazing Chris at AirWindows, I have also been able to include some of AirWindows own amazing reverb algorithms - hand-picked for minimu CPU load and maximum quality.

Please take a listen for yourself - it is everything a Mr Wiggly Plugin should be:

"We are obsessed with building audio plugins that sound incredible, are simple to use, light on CPU and great value for money."

Ban the Bland. Breathe new life into software synths, drum samples and vocals. Get your beats out of the box with The Incinerator.

You can buy The Incinerator directly from our shop.