Mr Wiggly Incinerator Audio Plugin

LONDON, UK, 6th April 2021. Mr Wiggly is proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of The Incinerator, the first in a brand new range of Mr Wiggly Audio Plugins.

Created by Dominic Hawken, under his ‘Mr Wiggly’ musical alias, The Incinerator lets you blast sounds through his eccentric collection of custom built speakers to add body, warmth and a real punch to audio. It’s ‘reamping’ with a difference – the difference in this case being the wonderfully crazy systems used.

Pick of the bunch is a real metal incinerator – hence the name of the plugin. Fitted with a much loved (and very battered) centre speaker and matching SM57, the sound is rich and deep. Mix a little signal back in with your synth presets or kick samples and the sound really comes to life – you can really hear the air moving.

Alongside the incinerator sound, there is a cherished bass bin from a now defunct sound system, a couple of secret guitar amp / cab combos, and a combination setup combining the bass bin with the incinerator for maximum boom. The bass bin especially shifts the low end into another dimension, and the amps pull out their own particular sonic flavours. All of them add a warmth and body that stamps your sounds with a new personality. Add a new organic vibe to sometimes stale or overused presets, or feed it with your own great sounds to take them to an even higher level.

Plugin Detail

  • The plugin contains carefully recorded impulse responses from each speaker setup, coupled with algorithms to improve the sound and reduce noise.
  • A custom coded overdrive matched to compliment the impulse responses adds warmth
  • Input and output level controls allows gain staging without the need to add separate gain plugins
  • Bespoke, temp-synced delay with frequency filtered output and stereo control
  • Optimised to be light on CPU
  • A combination of custom coded and Air Windows reverbs included - with grateful thanks to Chris at AirWindows for his amazing algorithms!


Dominic Hawken said

‘I'm super proud to announce the launch of THE INCINERATOR - the very first in my new range of Mr Wiggly Audio Plugins.

The Incinerator is all about bringing some life into your sounds - making your drum samples thump and your synth presets really pop out of the mix. One trick I use is to send the sounds out through amps and speakers, including a real, metal incinerator which sounds amazing hence the name of this new plugin!

When you record through real amps you can literally hear the air move, and mixing them back adds a sense of authority and reality to your sounds, really making them sing out. Recording like this is not very practical though - it's really noisy and definitely not family and neighbour friendly. The Incinerator plugin uses the real recordings from my favourite amps - including the Incinerator itself - and gives you direct access to them in a plugin. It also includes my own overdrive algorithms which partner perfectly with the amp settings, as well as tempo-synced delay and reverb to add sparkle without needing extra plugins in the FX chain.

I’m lucky enough to have all of these systems permanently wired up and available in the studio at Wiggly Towers – they’re used almost every day. Of course, you could do the same, and I’d highly recommend it! However, be assured that recording through systems like this relies on having excellent sound proofing or very forgiving family and neighbours… The louder you push them the better they sound.

Thankfully The Incinerator plugin is now a reality, bringing the Incinerator sound direct to your DAW with all of the gain, none of the pain.’

The Incinerator is on sale at only £19.99 UK pounds, $27.99 US dollars or €23.99 Euros.


VST3 and AU 64bit plugin for Mac and PC, Pro Tools version to follow.
Windows 7/8/10 (64bit Windows only).
OSX 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
MacOS 10.12/10.13/10.14/10.15
MacOS 11 Big Sur

About Mr Wiggly

Mr Wiggly is obsessed with building audio plugins that sound incredible, are simple to use, light on CPU and offer great value for money. The brainchild of pro-player, songwriter and Sonic State regular Dominic Hawken, the range is developed personally by him and a small support team.

About Dominic Hawken

Dominic Hawken started his career playing keyboards for Boy George, and went on to write songs including the multi-million selling ‘Stay Another Day’ for E17. He has worked with an wide variety of artists including Malcolm McLaren, Donna Sumer, Fatboy Slim and on A Tribe Called Quest’s classic ‘Can I Kick It’.

His music career has been balanced with similar success in the tech world, having built a successful online marketing and tech platform in the gaming sector that was acquired by FTSE listed blue chip in 2016.

In 2020 he developed and released the enchanting Sleep Music App ‘Snuggle Sounds’ for iPhone and iPad, before beginning work on what has now become the new Mr Wiggly Audio Plugin collection.

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